FAQ: Classify Rx

1. Is the purchase for lifetime or limited time subscription? 

The “purchase” as in the ‘paid app’ in iTunes store and “in-app” purchase/upgrade as in the Google play store will be for lifetime. You will get the updates for free as long as we and Apple/Google platforms continue to support the application.

2. What happens when I buy a new mobile ? 

Your purchase is tagged with your account ID in your respective platform (Apple iTunes/Google playstore). If you are buying a new mobile of the same platform, then you just need to provide the same login credentials for the app to get restored.

3. I have an android phone with pro version of your app. Can I get the app in iPhone ? Or vice versa ? 

Technically speaking Google playstore and Apple iTunes are two different entities and you need buy again if you are switching platforms. But we do have an internal policy of helping such students through offering free promo codes. If you are in a similar situation, you can contact us on editor.scoopmed@gmail.com. You may also need to produce the proof of old purchase in this instance. This condition is also subject to availability of the promo codes and the policy of Apple iTunes and Google playstore.

4. I found an error in the app’s content? What should I do? 

Please contact us on editor.scoopmed@gmail.com. We will update the corrected content at the earliest. Though we are trying to be completely error free, errors can be encountered. We will be happy to correct them with humility.

5. Where can we contact the creators of the app ? 

Mail us on editor.scoopmed@gmail.com or you can DM us on our Instagram  @simplify.drugs or on Twitter @simplify_drugs for any clarifications/ suggestions/ improvements